Down and dirty with mhealth tweets + SNA

A_mhealth_map2Mhealth policy conversations in social media are generating lots of data, but what can this tell us about the actors, their networked relationships or their investment in formal policy processes?

The Moving Media  project has been exploring social network analysis of mhealth tagged tweets to better understand the informal policy networks that are developing on Twitter – but we’ve come up with some big questions about the analytical processes we’re using.

So we’d like to start a discussion about some of the challenges of doing SNA and network visualisations with this type of data, including things like:

  • The types of tools that DH are using for SNA (Gephi vs Node XL)
  • How to slice big data
  • How to locate the data across maps
  • How to automate the data scraping process
  • How to share the data back with the users

We’d also like to know what you’re doing in this space and what discoveries you’ve made.

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