Linked Open Data: Libraries, Archives, Museums (LODLAM)

Session Proposal

There have been two LODLAM international summits (2011, 2013) and a wide range of projects generating or reusing linked open data in the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) and digital humanities realms. Would be great to get in a room and talk and share information about what to do and how to publish linked open data to the cloud or reuse data (from the cloud).

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There are some good examples to look into:

  • Linked Jazz – a digital humanities project run out of the Pratt Institute.
  • The WWI Collection – a digital library/archives project run out of University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries.
  • – the provision of collection metadata as linked open data by the Biblioth√®que nationale de France.
  • – a pilot project to provide a subset of the Europeana collection metadata as linked open data.
  • Linking History in a Place – a project aggregating collection data related to Canberra led by Culture Victoria and developed by Tim Sherratt (Wragge Labs).




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  1. jdowling says:

    Sounds good and widely applicable to other conferences/summits.

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